Skill - DevelopmentCovering the latest and most widely required software training.

Quick Highlights:
» Our courses are upgraded frequently to meet the ever changing standards of the Industry.
» Our faculty are highly experienced in the respective software and help the students in the best possible manner.
» We have state of the art Hardware and Software facilities.
» We offer Crash courses of 6-10 hours per day to students who wish to complete their learning in a short period.
» Professional Job Assignments and Tutorials have been devised to help students practically apply what they learn.

Course Covered
  • Industrial Training
  • CAD (Autocad | Solid Works | ProE)
  • Graphics(Photoshop | CorelDraw | Illustrator)
  • Programming (C | C++ | C# | Java)
  • Web (Aspx | MVC | PHP)
  • Database (Oracle | MsSQL | MySQL)
  • Industrial Certified Accounting
  • MS Office & Office Automation